Research Development & Deployment

At ''Core'' we like to push the boundaries in knowledge and materials. Our goal is to develop and deploy high tier products with focus on high pressure and temperature applications. Core is already making steps to ensure that the technology will be readily available for future activities in deep water, deep well applications. 


We have the in house expertise that in less than 3 months has already proven we are a step ahead in both materials and product capabilities.


There are many companies that have differing thoughts on what clasifications are for HPHT, at ''Core'' we have set those factors as follows.


                                      Temperature, C
    < 150  151  - 175  176  - 200  201  - 300 
Pressure     psi up to 5000  SPST     SPMT     SPHT     SPUT
5001 - 8000  MPST     MPMT     MPHT     MPUT
8001 - 10000  HPST     HPMT     HPHT     HPUT
10001 - 20000  UPST     UPMT     UPHT     UPUT
  S Standard      


  H High       
  U Ultra      
  P Pressure      
  T Temperature      


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