In order to minimize downtime and to ensure maximum safety that calls for 100% system isolation, we offer bubble-tight isolation and emergency shut-off valves, mate-lapped by hand and tested to the limit to ensure performance and integrity even under the most challenging conditions. All of our isolation and emergency shut-off ball valves are coated application-specific for enhanced erosion and corrosion resistance to even withstand acids or caustics. 


Our portfolio of manufactured special purpose solutions demonstrates our years of experience designing and manufacturing customized industrial valves. Integrating our proven products and combining them with individual components we supply package solutions or special purpose products such as:

Steam reduction valves combined with desuperheaters
Ash discharge valves
Rotary steam valves


Steam conditioning plays an indispensable role in today`s modern power plants. Our desuperheater solutions have found great acceptance on the market offering state of the art technology for precise steam cooling by water injection. In order to minimize vaporization distance - crucial for industrial and utility boilers - the nozzle design is optimized for perfect atomization of the cooling media. An integrated ball valve guarantees tight system isolation to reduce the risk of thermal shocks and minimize steam turbine blade wear associated to water accumulation and valve leakages. The massflow of the cooling media is controlled by a rotary movement that guarantees optimal cooling injection covering the entire load range.


We combine the engineering capability from our OEM background with the open-mindedness of an independent service provider. Giving you sound advice and optimal service when it comes to repairing, retrofitting or servicing any type of industrial valves. Our field service team provides fast and professional onsite service, both scheduled and unscheduled. When operations are interrupted or damage has occurred we offer quick and reliable repair.


Our approach is to deliver more than a high-quality valve product for our customers. That is why we also provide technical support and training regarding all artec AIS products throughout their life cycle. Training can be carried out at customer site, online via remote session or in one of our facilities.

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