About us

Core Well Services was established with fundamental strategies to enable the company to be adaptable to market conditions without compromise to our service & product offerings.

‘’Core’’ supplies differentiating products with superior materials to ensure the highest level of performance & safety incorporating revolutionary treatments for emphasis in the HPHT Sweet & Sour Service environments. Our core product with the birth of the company is our Well Isolation Device (WID®) for Well Completions. The ''Single Layer Proprietary Glass Technology'' is housed within the Plug body for integrated tubing and well intervention applications, providing Performance assurance.
We collaborate with partners across the industry to offer and combine synergistic differentiating technologies. This provides flexibility to the end users, providing more options for applications to provide continuous improvement in our offering.
We offer a range of engineering consultancy and training services for Upstream - Geology, Reservoir, Well Completions, Well Intervention technologies.
''Research Development and Deployment'', which is a clear statement of our objectives to deliver a product from start to finish.
ISO 9001-2015 Certified. Safety, Quality and Reliability are Core Values of our business. We strive to differentiate ourselves through delivering fit for purpose unique technologies designed for your service environmental challenges and requirements.

Core's Mission

Always conduct our business safely.

To continually evolve and adapt to the industry challenges.

To never compromise quality and deliver the best in service's and product's to our customer's.

Promote a culture of knowledge and experience sharing.

Become the leader in its field.


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